Internationally-renowned painter and sculptor Joan Miró’s work is considered emblematic of the 20th century.

This major exhibit—the first exhibit on the artist in Quebec in more than 30 years—is a North American exclusive bringing together nearly 200 paintings, sculptures and paper works, including several large canvases. The works, selected from the collections of Miró’s descendants and the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca (Spain), pays tribute to the artist’s mature period (1956 to 1981); during this time, he had settled in Mallorca and pursued his work with a great sense of freedom.

Inspired by the suggestions of his subjects and the expressive power of gesture, Miró produced several stunningly creative paintings. His work strongly suggests a universal appeal.

Firmly attached to the art and landscapes of his country, the artist developed a unique symbolic language, in which simple shapes spoke volumes. He celebrated the shapes of women, birds and starry nights, among others, through stunning ideograms that evoke unbridled fantasy.

His spectacular compositions, which are notably inspired by the American painting movement, pay tribute to an exceptional sense of experimentation and reveal a decidedly young and non-conformist Miró, to whom modernity was alive and well.