Arts and crafts have had a profound impact on Quebec culture. The skills and know-how of Quebec's artisans and artists have evolved, bringing constant renewal. This exhibition shines a spotlight on the many facets of the creative process as it explores the extraordinary vitality of Quebec's multidisciplinary arts and crafts scene.

A collaboration of Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec (MMAQ) and Musée de la civilisation.

Mutations proceeds along four approaches—artisanal, industrial, environmentalist, and artistic—to illustrate the mastery of the artisans and artists involved in fine crafts. These creators carry on the traditions of woodworking, ceramics, textiles, and metal, but they continually find ways to renew them in their one-off pieces and collections.

The objects on display are astonishing in their diversity—a violin, jewelry, vases, tapestries, furniture, contemporary art—embracing the diversity of practice contained in the world of fine crafts. Grouping them by type of approach sets forth an inclusive vision that encourages us to look past the walls separating the field.