Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce Mountain Pass: Negotiating Ambivalence, a solo exhibition curated by Hera, featuring Singaporean artist Zen Teh.

The term mountain pass refers to a route which provides an entry point through the otherwise lofty and formidable mountain topography. The mountain pass allows people to approach and learn from the mountain, but it is also a potential gateway towards the exploitation of an otherwise inaccessible area.

In the period of her residency, Zen studied the geomorphology of Bandung, a city located on the site of an ancient caldera. In particular, she has consulted geologists, local collaborators and residents regarding construction sites in Dago, an area in north Bandung undergoing relentless urbanisation and gentrification. Her search uncovered a mesh of wicked problems surrounding the issues of land stewardship, economic growth and the sustainability of the residents’ living environment. Through her practice, Zen reflects upon the conception of the landscape, as well as the individual's agency towards socio-ecological sustainability.

Mountain Pass: Negotiating Ambivalence features works by Zen Teh following her residency in Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia (2018-2019).