It is impossible to deny the impact art has had on society. For centuries it has shaped culture, politics, and social status. In today’s day and age, the art world has been impacted dramatically by the changing tides of technology, trends, and methodologies; for this reason, many individuals may find themselves at a loss, or even fearful, of making the right investment into an illiquid asset such as artwork. As with any major investment, it is important to align yourself with those who understand the ebb and flow of the industry to fully grasp its intricacies and dynamics. In the art world, these professionals are known as art advisors.

One such ally on this journey is AXIOM Fine Art, based in Orlando FL with offices in New York City and Miami. The unique business model this company has forged has made a way for major success in the art industry. Part gallery, part consulting offices, AXIOM merges two distinct branches of the art world for unparalleled service.

With over 55+ years of combined experience, art advisors at AXIOM work with clients ranging from private individuals looking to expand their art collections, to interior designers working on high end projects, and even corporate entities looking to elevate their workspace and common areas with exquisite works of art.

The most recent AXIOM project can be found in the 212 Fifth Avenue Penthouse, located blocks away from the iconic Flatiron Building in New York City. The curated art collection contains over 70 works of art and is valued just over $1 million. AXIOM art advisors see the penthouse as a testament of the company’s capabilities.

Curated exclusively for Sotheby’s International Realty and Madison Equities, and in association with Design Studio 15 and Luxury Living, the collection speaks to the high end lifestyle of the sophisticated New Yorker as well as to the history of the building itself. The penthouse is valued at over $73 million, the most expensive penthouse in the United States at the time of listing.

“We have echoed the client’s wish to portray something bold and unique, while maintaining the elegance and sophistication of the space” said lead art advisor and creative director, Laurin VanBeukering, “our job as art advisors is to work closely with our clients and provide an experience like no other. As the 212 Fifth Ave Penthouse project has shown, I believe AXIOM will always deliver.”

Art advisors can be the gateway of any individual or corporation to acquire works of renown and emerging artists. Access to particular works can often be an obstacle to novice collectors who lack the experience and prestige to negotiate with galleries and artists themselves.

“We have artists displayed within the 212 Fifth Avenue Penthouse collection who are quickly gaining acclaim on the global stage,” mentioned Founder/CEO Russell A Glotfelty, “our relationship with these artists and varying agents gives us access to the portfolio and inventory we possess. Their works elevate the project, and we help the artists with greater exposure. It’s a symbiotic relationship of the best kind.”