Axiom Contemporary is pleased to announce POINTS OF VIEW, a solo exhibition of new work by Donn Delson.

Donn Delson has made aerial photography the subject of his fascination. Referential to the works of the great photographic pioneer Nadar - who developed birds-eye-view images of the Parisian cityscape from a hot air balloon - Delson’s technique is achieved through his use of the latest camera technologies from 10,000 feet in the air, in an open-door helicopter, producing geometrically intricate, sublime and even painterly images of our urban and natural landscapes.

Delson’s obsession with flight was fostered at a young age by his father, who continually taught him that “The sky is the limit.” His first aerial photographs were taken over the glaciers of New Zealand, and now, in his seventies, Delson has shot everything from shipping containers to fishing boats docked in a harbor, to ever-expansive, colorful fields of wildflowers. In his accumulation of a myriad locations stretching from the land to the sea, Delson has achieved a dominance of the landscape by developing a practice that has no borders - an artistic expression that spans as far back as the early 19th century Western romantic painters.

Delson finds familiarity in the patterns replicated by our modern technologies in his POINTS OF VIEW series, offering colorful subjects, symmetry, and a repetition of form that obscures the original meaning behind his landscapes and challenges viewers to take a step back, while celebrating the industrial achievements of mankind. In Xylophones, Delson provides us with a photograph of a shipping container staging ground, which, with the addition of his clever title, quickly transforms into an amusing man-made invention that is all-the-more familiar, universal, and palatable. Delson’s playful vocabulary and the very way that he redefines the functionality of a landscape, or rather, what it may look like, further reinforces the ways in which man creates a conversation with and contains nature through urban evolution.

The exhibition is located at Axiom Contemporary Gallery at 2801 Main Street in Santa Monica.