“These are artists that keep you guessing. Their new directions are never a random decision, but always come from a deep knowledge of their individual and joint practices. There's a joy in the doing and yet a profound underlying seriousness to the play.” Simon Holt, Composer.

London based Studio 106 Art Gallery is proudly marking its fifth anniversary with an international exhibition - Castles in the Air. The exhibition is going to be held in the Centre of Contemporary Art Montenegro, Gallery Perjanicki Dom and Petrovica Castle, in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The Gallery will be celebrating works of two acclaimed British artists Caroline Cary and Jim Webb. Caroline has established links with Studio 106 Art Gallery over the years. For the first time outside the UK, Studio 106 Art Gallery will be presenting her new ground breaking project consisting of two parts; part one, Cary’s paintings on canvas and paper, part two in collaboration with Jim Webb, an Installation of laser light and transparent paintings on Perspex.

Caroline Cary and Jim Webb have joined forces to produce, an innovative installation, combining the traditional medium of painting with technological advances in the use of Laser Light. Cary & Webb are creating a world of light and colour, a lake and a waterfall of deep blue with which the audience may interact, immersing themselves in the waves of laser light. Swirling smoke drifts in and out of a sculptural construction of painted Perspex; the all-encompassing sight and sound is a mind expanding and emotionally moving experience. The experiments with the lasers, uses light as a three dimensional tool, as another way of exploring pictorial space.

Cary&Webb have been collaborating for four years; Castles in the Air represents yet another major extension of their technological and artistic partnership. They produced a highly successful installation, Horizon, in Docklands, London in 2009 and in 2012 Cloudy River for Studio 106 Art Gallery, now to be followed by another unusual and exciting installation for Studio 106 Art Gallery’s first international show. The installation is designed to open our sensibilities to a whole new area of visual awareness, appealing to all manner and ages of persons from art lovers and students of technology to toddlers paddling in the river. The exhibition will be curated by Dusanka Marsenic in collaboration with the artists.

Caroline Cary lives and works in London and Southern Spain. Her work has evolved through landscape and figuration to abstraction and experimentation with a variety of different media. Her personal aim is to make work that resonates through its use of colour and formal qualities, opening that space in the mind which leads to a heightened awareness.

Cary has been showing her work professionally since the nineteen seventies in both group and Solo Shows. She has shown in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Nairobi, including, Gallery Z, Galerie Souham, The Watatu Gallery, Jonathon Poole Gallery, Sue Rankin Gallery, Austin Desmond Gallery, Christopher Hull Gallery, Gordon Hepworth Gallery, Studio 106 Art Gallery, The New Grafton Gallery and The Piers Feetham Gallery to name but a few, and in Spain, Museo Gran Capitan Granada, Houses of Art Marbella and various other venues. She has been represented at most London Art Fairs, The Art Fair Islington, Chelsea Art Fair, Art on Paper at the Royal College, The Affordable Art Fare and Art London.

Jim Webb is a well-known laser artist/performer who lives in London and works worldwide. Webb’s current work consists of redefining the public’s visual perception of lasers, by the use of techniques never used before, producing extraordinary visual experiences which combine the phenomenon of laser light with interactive elements.

He has exhibited globally from the late seventies, until today. He was responsible for setting up Holographic Studios at the Liverpool College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. Webb developed new photographic techniques in “integrated transience”. He has worked in television worldwide, including BBC Horizon, QED and various SciFi Series, as well as educational programmes and game shows. He has created live laser performances for musical events varying from rock to electronica to techno, both in the UK and abroad and performances with dancers from Western classical to Eastern traditional. He has created a variety of installations in many environments ranging from galleries to forests. He has also been influential within the development of innovative control and display techniques for use with lasers.

Studio 106 Art Gallery is a Not-for-profit organisation that provides a platform to explore, create and present contemporary art and new forms of expression. Focusing on researching and developing collaborative processes intrinsic to art-making; generating dialogues across generations, cultures, and the bond between art and the audience, Studio 106 Art Gallery programmes Live Art, exhibitions, screenings, forums, artists’ talks and workshops.

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