The highest levels of creativity require both divergent and convergent thinking. Divergent thinking, whether as an individual or as a collective, encourages the generation of numerous solutions and ideas. Convergent thinking promotes the use of information and a set of rules to arrive at a single solution to a problem. This exhibition is offered as part of the University of Florida's campus-wide, year-long celebration of invention and creativity, and investigates how various artists discover and question the past, reinterpret the present, and imagine the future.

This exhibition includes more then 55 artists from 18 countries. The wide range of media—from ceramics, light sculpture, and film to paintings, prints, and drawings—allows for the convergence of diverse voices and ideas to enliven discussions throughout the galleries. Both divergent and convergent thinking and processes have led to creative production of the works on view and will continue to inform your interpretation during your visit.

Multiple ways for visitors to interact with the art on view include experiencing performances and participating in activities developed by the Gator VR (Virtual Reality) Club, UF Professor Dr. Elif Akçalı, and the Harn “Creatives-in-Residence”--Choreographer-in-Residence, Composer-in-Residence, and Poet-in-Residence. These programs, developed through a collaboration of museum educators and curatorial staff, with University of Florida faculty and students, provide new artistic experiences for both the creators and viewers.

The exhibition is made possible by The Collier Companies and Nathan & Ani Collier, the Margaret J. Early Program Endowment, the Harn Program Endowment, and the Londono Family Endowment, with additional support from a group of local museum supporters and the Harn Annual Fund.