PROTO GOMEZ presents The Drawing is The Movable Feast, a continuation of the recent PROTO Gallery Artsy online-exclusive exhibition, The Drawing is the Wide Open Window, (Jan 5 - Feb 28, 2019) which featured a selection of drawings by ten artists known for their work in other media. This exhibition is the second in what is envisioned to be an ongoing series dedicated to reviewing the role that drawing plays within a diverse range of artmaking practices.

Entitled The Drawing is The Moveable Feast, this installment features an unframed, clinical survey of eight artists’ ongoing dialogue with drawing as both an ancillary, investigatory support for their work in other mediums as well as a cogent vehicle and resource within which to explore their varied and aesthetic concerns. Housed at PROTO GOMEZ Gallery from Thursday May 9th through Saturday June 1st, 2019, the laboratory-like exhibition encourages an intimate look at the works on display, presented unframed atop two glass tables within the gallery. Attendants will be on hand to assist and visitors can wear supplied cotton gloves with which to peruse, turn, handle and consider more closely the works on view.