The project idea is to invest Lefebvre & Fils gallery, space full of stories and signs that read and allow them to create a new narrative from these fragments gleaned, earthenware painted in blue, arabesque motifs reminiscent of the foam or abstraction. We have therefore introduced our history in the history of ceramics but also that of a descent we gleaned and watched.

The notes are great wild sows printed cotton fabrics, from notebooks, chronologically graded and mixing observational drawing, boredom, research. We can read the progress of the work and its questions, its registration and place in a historical field. It's a time and cerebral walk. The ceramics that come detach from the frame oscillates between several sets some unpublished, primed for the exhibition. They are the witnesses of our report to the drawing, they recompose fragments and motifs from the books in three dimensions and are played agreements between applied arts and art from everyday objects, trivial, functional and sculptural. They recall the manifesto and the collective wish of the artists and artisans of the town.

In the eyes of these objects that are played borders, small beds as encyclopedic boards of a hypothetical trip to Italy and canvases coated drawing, female figures of recovery as the muses who play stereotypes and evoke the great figures of 'female artists.

This exhibition aims primarily as a walk in our concerns and principles is an exhibition that plays with materials from cotton, sensitive paper, earth, matte glazes and enamels, but also overprints, modes manufacturing, screen printing, the gesture that want as ricochets between practices and surfaces.