Louis Lefebvre is pleased to present "Hotel Kalifornia", a Group Show with 21 artists, a panorama of the LA scene from 2000 to present.

Some of them, such as Juka Araikawa, Steve Canaday, Gerald Davis, Gustavo Herrera, Raffi Kalenderian, Charles Karubian, Jasmine Little, participated in the Black Dragon Society Gallery venture in Los Angeles's China Town and incubator of the new Californian wave in the 90s, founded by four friends, including Roger Herman and Hubert Schmalix.

Among the "young generation", some such as Alex Anderson, Ray Barsante, Nasim Hantehzadeh, Becky Kolsrud, Cyril Kuhn, will be exhibited for the first time in Paris.

The show includes around thirty works: paintings, drawings, ceramics, faithful portrait of the media variety that Californian artists love to use in their research (painting, video, ceramics, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photo, textile, music).