Sohn Chang Kun (孫昌根 , 1929–) donated to the National Museum of Korea a total of 304 pieces in 202 discrete Korean cultural properties that he and his late father Sohn Se Ki (孫世基, 1903–1983) had collected. The older Sohn, an entrepreneur from Kaesong, admired Korean artworks and collected paintings and calligraphy with devotion.

The considerable number of letters and calligraphy by Kim Jeong-hui (金正喜, 1786–1856) in the collection are particularly noteworthy. The collection also features works by renowned painters and calligraphers such as Jeong Seon (鄭敾, 1676–1759), Sim Sa-jeong (沈師正, 1707–1769), and Jang Seung-eop (張承業, 1843–1897). Moreover, it entails paintings on various themes including landscapes, figures, and bird-and-animal, as well as calligraphic works, books, and engraved seals.

This range is suggestive of Sohn Se Ki’s passion for collecting. In November 2018, Sohn Chang-kun decided to donate his and his father’s collection to the museum without conditions in the hope that it could be appreciated by all. This donation has enriched the museum’s collection and allows scholars to research a greater body of calligraphy and painting. We hope that viewers will appreciate the beauty of the Korean cultural properties presented in Sohn Seki and Sohn Changkun Gallery. It is also hoped that we remember the noble spirit of Sohn Chang Kun who so generously donated this collection to society.