For the French book launch of his recent monograph published by Rizzoli, “I Don’t Worry Anymore” on Thursday, March 28th, 2019, Friedrich Kunath has mounted a mood board mirroring his L.A. studio.

New drawings by the artist are here presented intertwined with a great variety of inspirational sources in relation to the influences listed at the catalog’s index, retracing the artist’s tastes in music, perfumes or cinema. With contributions by James Elkins, James Frey, Ariana Reines, as well as an interview of the artist and John McEnroe, this is the first major monograph devoted to the sentimentally introspective and humorously existential work of Los Angeles-based artist Friedrich Kunath.

Combining the experience of the sublime with the ordinary, Friedrich Kunath’s art illustrates the fundamental of human emotions through humorous yet tragic situations. Scanning through the past fifteen years of his work, this monograph renders how easily the artist shifts from a medium to another, while always maintaining his melancholic signature.