SEAGER presents solo exhibition of new sculptural works by Manchester-based artist Pippa Eason. Her sugar sweet shapes delicately twist,hang, teeter and stack their way around the gallery. This is one for anyone who was or knew a Nineties kid. Memories of marshmallow twists, strawberry laces, platform sandals and the soft colour palettes of children’s toys or tv sets are mixed up and imbued into the textured forms.

Nostalgia through colours is a primary concern, with Eason describing the works as “edible” without being food; the forms and tones look to evoke taste and softness as little figments of enjoyment through the senses. Eason’s (b. 1993) work makes observations of performative online gesture through sculpture, digital drawings, GIFs, and collages.

Her practice co-opts the crispness of advertising but with a hand-crafted touch, used to hint at status anxiety, smartphone addiction, and meme culture. Her sculpture is ambiguous, though aims to pick up on - and visually start to unpick - trends in art, fashion and pop culture, mapping the direct impact aesthetic shifts in contemporary culture on visual artists.