DHARA Wellness and the thematic suites inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, constitute an entire floor dedicated to Wellness at the Belfiore Park Hotel, in the town of Brenzone. The concept behind the project, as for the suites, spread from the three Dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), the vital energies that, according to Ayurvedic philosophy, pervade every human being. The Dosha allow to classify psycho-physical trends and the malfunctions that may result; consequently, the diseases arise when there are disparities between them.

The designers have recreated this balance in the SPA, matching the elements that compose it, through a careful study of spaces, shapes, materials, colors and light.

The result of this synergy is the creation of a living space where every construction detail and material has been specifically designed, taking full advantage of the materials from the surrounding, the particular location and a natural inside spring emerged during the construction of the hotel few years earlier.

Following a characteristic horizontal element made of bamboo canes that runs through the floor of the hotel to the SPA, where we access to ‘filtered’ from one socializing room made to create moments of culture, to read a book or simply for recreation.

Guests access the SPA area through a path constrained by the conformation of the adjacent mountain, on which the building is founded, which houses the changing rooms and a small bathroom. Final element of this path is a large olive tree placed inside the structure during the construction phase and transplanted from the adjacent land owned by the hotel proprietor.

Authentic fulcrum of the center is the water basin continuously plumped by a natural spring whose waters flow directly from the bare stone cleft of the Baldo mountain and pervade much of the space. The original rock, on which were built the hotel and SPA, is visible through an opening in the wall placed on the corner of the basin.

Within the basin, there are an emotional shower and a special Kneipp made of individual tanks, made of local stone as well. The basin bisects the space and can be overcome through some elements in stone that seem to float over the water. The lighting of the pelvis is provided entirely by immersion LED.

The main walls of the center are lined with local stone and laid dry with a technique typical of Garda Lake tradition. An infinity salt pool completes the basin, preferred to a more usual whirlpool tub in the function of a lower noise and preparatory to the treatments performed in two rooms adjacent to the SPA (fully furnished with Indian original furniture). The area is lighted by a hanging timber element that contributes to increase the volume of the space above the bath.

The sauna, another strong element of the center, is made entirely of masonry and it is characterized by a large window and for the unusual ‘overhang’ on the water basin. Strongly backed by the property, the wood used in the interior, comes from local olive trees whose scent evokes feelings related to the lakeside landscape. Two olive trees are also present within the center such as organic elements and evocative of the territory. The inner walls of the sauna were treated with gold and copper painting.

Flanked to the sauna a steam bath was placed (also made entirely of masonry including a vaulted ceiling), coated with a special resin mosaic whose pieces ‘digitally’ recreate the thick boughs of lemon trees. The floor, the benches and the central basin instead are made of local stone.

The relaxation area is positioned at the end of the trail and offers a magnificent view of the lake just a few meters away. The teak floor of the room continues outside, creating a small forecourt to be used as an extension of the relaxation area in the summer. All around, rose gardens, olive and palm trees create an outdoor space particularly fascinating especially at sunset when the sun goes down the mountains on the opposite side of the lake.

At the request of demanding customers, the entire center can turn into a Suite-SPA torque through some small technical devices which provide, first, the use of the relaxation area as a bedroom.