Step into the fascinating world of science fiction and discover the ongoing human quest for the unknown – on our own planet and in a remote part of the universe. More than 850 unique objects show the incredible imagination and inventiveness of the human mind. Travel through time and space with film clips and video installations, rare manuscripts and drawings, books and comics, art and design, and admire the many costumes, masks, models and props from film classics like Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzilla.

The exhibition provides a detailed and large scale overview of more than a hundred years of science fiction, as well as affording a glimpse into the future of this tremendously popular genre. ‘Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown’ presents the unknown on our own planet in Extraordinary Voyages, the infinite universe in Space Odysseys, the origin of utopian or dystopian worlds in Brave New Worlds, and the world of technology in Final Frontiers.

Darth Vader’s warrior helmet, Spock’s space suit, an original manuscript from 1865 from Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days and the dinosaur egg from Jurassic Park are just a few of the many highlights. You can also immerse yourself in a multi-screen installation with an episode from the Netflix hit series Black Mirror specially adapted for the exhibition. Don’t miss this visual spectacle – for the genuine fans and for everyone who likes to marvel at a universe in which fantasy and reality merge!

The exhibition is curated and organised by Barbican International Enterprises and coproduced by Brandts - Museum of Art & Visual Culture, Denmark and Onassis Cultural Centre, Greece, in collaboration with Kunsthal Rotterdam.