Colourful, joyful, effervescent, Neopop is the theme of the exhibition with which the PUNTO SULL'ARTE gallery is presented to the public renovated and doubled in size, with the large new rooms on the upper floor ready to welcome projects and new artists. OPENING RECEPTION SATURDAY 30 MARCH from 6pm to 9pm.

If Andy Warhol's pop art arose as an extrapolation of the everyday object in order to frame it under the new light of art, the current Neopop stream adds to this gesture the intention to play with the perception of the spectator, deep conceptual stratifications always underlying that only apparently easy sensibility. Like the cinema icons of DARIO BREVI - leading exponent of the New Futurism - that are revealed, seen up close, elegant assemblages of abstract forms. Or like the faces and bodies realized by GIORGIO TENTOLINI in overlapping metal mesh: enchanting neo-optical traps. In an intelligent game of identification, GIUSEPPE VENEZIANO gives us an unexpected Girl with the pearl earring showing us the B side and taking a selfie in the mirror, and again flat painting and formal simplification characterize the work of IGOR MOLIN, and his foreshortenings conceived as inlays of shapes. They are two quite hypnotic "lollipops" that capture the attention of the frog in MASSIMO CACCIA's work, and again intense colours, sugary, straight from the candy store, characterize the shirts in ALBERTO MAGNANI's latest work. And while MICHAEL GAMBINO, like a contemporary wizard, makes swarms of butterflies pour forth from books, GIORGIO LAVERI and VALERIA VACCARO are inspired by everyday objects, rendering them enlarged, re-thought; Laveri exalting the sensuality of a cherry or a lipstick in lacquered ceramic splendour, Vaccaro flooring us with her matches and the pallets that, under the rough and humble appearance of waste wood, conceal the preciousness of Carrara marble.

The new upper rooms host an exhibition within an exhibition, giving the public the possibility of discovering five new artists who have recently joined PUNTO SULL'ARTE. CARLO CANE, a painter with a rich curriculum who blends nature and architecture with a unique touch, poised between realism and magic; the American BRIAN KEITH STEPHENS, who relates the animal world with an emotional brushstroke suggestive of impressionism; ERNESTO MORALES, who transports us into his dreamlike and fairy-like landscapes; RAFFAELE MINOTTO, with his vibrant interiors of light; LORIS LIBERATORI and his wild nature. And next to them Annalù's dancing resins, Matteo Massagrande's serene interiors, Jernej Forbici's expressionist brushstrokes, Matteo Pugliese's heroes, and many new pieces by the most interesting artists in the gallery. Artists who will, moreover, almost all be present in person at the opening: a unique occasion for the public to have the possibility of meeting them.