In this new series, the artist examines the space between the possibility and the impossibility of communication. What moves within the frame, and is the frame itself not movable? It is about social and political ties and relationships, their “infinite” diversity and future possibilities, but also about the impossibility of human communication.

The line between them seems malleable and is often unrecognizable. And even in this impossibility, this breakdown of human communication, beauty can always be found, Life’s experiences teach us that success and failure, sense and nonsense, the logical and the paralogical, are closely linked in communication.

In today’s global climate of daily hypertrophic communication and its phenomena, the big news stories and the small messages, the law and finance, we see a growing mistrust, which generally brings together linguistically structured systems. The title of the exhibition invites us to contemplate things from the edge again, because when the centre is closed, we must be open to discovering and enabling other places, fields and spaces. These need not be very far away, and can be very close to us.