Andra Norris Gallery is proud to exhibit new watercolors and mixed media acrylic paintings by Gary Bukovnik and Jylian Gustlin - work that is bold, beautiful and brilliant.

We are honored to exhibit a brilliant selection of new floral watercolors that reflect gratitude and joy from Gary Bukovnik, who has dazzled us for decades with his collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony and his contribution at Davies Symphony Hall. Here are the artist's own words about these 14 bold and beautiful paintings created in Shanghai and San Francisco:

"I think, on a body of new paintings, we have no perspective, but if pressed, I will tell you a few things: First, how much I enjoyed making them. I do believe the paintings reflect my current state of mind, which is peaceful. Second, I believe many of them reflect a quietude that I seem to have developed as a result of my China experiences. A person cannot help but be influenced by his surroundings and culture.

“In 2018, I was fortunate to experience more than three months in my new studio in Shanghai, China. All the joy of having my splendid studio surroundings there, plus the retrospection of isolation that I experienced, are exhibited in these paintings. Plus, we also have the ones I painted here in my San Francisco studio, while mulling over the effects of so much time away in a foreign but splendid country and the over-the-top joy of returning again to my beloved Bay Area, surrounded by my own familiar life. Perhaps this can explain a little (very little) of the creative process for me, something I find generally unexplainable.”

We are thrilled to present in Jylian Gustlin’s first exhibition at Andra Norris Gallery a new body of her dynamic and stunning large-scale paintings that explore science and mathematics as they intersect with art. The artist meditates on complex ideas, like the Fibonacci mathematical theory and Entropy in thermodynamics, and then intuitively creates paintings that are rich in abstract symbolism. The Bay Area artist’s media include acrylic, ink, polymers, enamel, and resins on wooden panels. By layering brushwork and drawing, implementing numbers and codes into the work, sanding and scraping away elements, and then repeating the process, she reaches the aesthetic and intellectual conclusion of each painting. The vivid, beautiful works make use of the repetition of natural geometric lines and circles crossing the surfaces, like musical notes or stars in the sky. Harmonious and aesthetically complete, viewers are often led to consider more about their natural world, while the paintings also stand soundly without words.