A fine sensibility, an essential aesthetics and a conceptual nature characterize the artworks by Christian Fogarolli and Michele Spanghero exhibited in Recent works: Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present a focus on the most recent works of the two Italian artists in its Venetian space. For both of them, the production of recent years represents the full realisation of a ten-year artistic path that has led them to enter the contemporary art scene, in a consistent, mature and focused way, not only in Italy. It is through a transversal approach to research with refined, singularly fragmented and perceptively stimulating results that Christian Fogarolli and Michele Spanghero work on artistic creation, a combination of art and scientific disciplines for one, between sound and visual art for the other.

Christian Fogarolli (1983) investigates how art, theories and scientific disciplines have always been intertwined and how science has unconsciously used the creative medium to progress. His works - environmental installations, photographs, sculptures, and videos - contain this duplicity of tensions. Through a para-scientific working method and archival research, the artist combines the use of objets trouvés with refined contemporary materials, such as ultraviolet lamps, steel, mirrors and titanium. His works, with a precise and accurate formal outcome, are poetic and sensitive. The links between normality and deviance and the relationships between different species, categorized as public and private heritage, are silently investigated.

His latest works in the exhibition highlight how the perception of the image and the object are an essential trait of the artist's poetics. The sound substance, with its imperceptible variations, its silences and its acoustic resonances in space and matter, is a key element in the practice of Michele Spanghero (1979), whose works combine sound and visual arts with in-depth conceptual research; his approach to artistic creation is transversal. Essential and rigorous, the aesthetics of his works reveals fragments, marginal elements of architecture and geometries of light that the artist captures in search of a new semantic system, that is to say, far from pre-established supra-structures and information.

In his practice Michele Spanghero proceeds by subtraction: in response to the large amount of data that surrounds us, the artist feels compelled to isolate and re-elaborate the pre- existing material. This sonorous-visual analysis concerns the relationship between space and perception: photography, sculpture and sound silently involve the viewer and aim to delicately alter his perceptions. Conceptuality, essentiality, and perception: through these the exhibition aims to highlight an organic vision of the two artists' production in recent years to reveal tensions and reflections that lie behind the precision of the formal surface. The aim is also to reveal the reasons for their increasing presence in the international art scene, such as the participation of Michele Spanghero in the Fiac-Hors les murs (Paris, October 2018) and that of Christian Fogarolli in the exhibition Futuruins at Palazzo Fortuny in collaboration with the Hermitage in St. Petersburg (Venice, December 2018).