La Patinoire royale / Gallery Valérie Bach is pleased to present Automatic Revolution, the third solo exhibition of Martine Feipel & Jean Bechameil at the gallery, in the space of the Grande Nef.

In 2014, the Franco-Luxembourger artistic duo had presented at the gallery the installation entitled "A Perfect World" on modernist and "utopist" architecture of the 50's and the 70's, and more especially on the social housing of that time: Les Grands Ensembles. The monumental casts used emblematic edifices building from the period, as well as a series of drawings "Dernier Souffles" reflecting the end of a Utopia. In 2016, in the exhibition entitled "A Hundred Hours from Home", artists moved away from architecture to focus on the objects of our daily lives. Their subject was about modernity and the contradictions it evokes in our contemporary society.

"Automatic Revolution" is a wild and unlimited possession-taking of industrial robotics and their uses for unproductives purpose. Beyond a theoretical and purely intellectual approach related to the world of informatics, it is a search for the practical and physical experience that we are talking about here.

It tends to take ownership of machines and their programs and to use them in a roundabout way. These are, first and foremost, extremely modern tools used in advanced technology that are not normally part of the public domain.