The world of tomorrow is shaped by the designs and technologies emerging today. From smart appliances to satellites, this exhibition brings together 80 objects that point towards where society might be headed.

The objects in the exhibition are either newly released or in development. Although some may seem straight out of science fiction, they are all real, produced by research labs, universities, designers’ studios, governments and corporations.

The exhibition shows innovative techniques and how they soon will come to affect our lives. A global seed bank to prevent loss of plant species in the event of a crisis, the dream of eternal life through cryonic technology, electric muscles for the elderly, a space factory, a bridge crowdfunded by citizens.

Guided by ethical and speculative questions, The Future Starts Here invites the visitor to consider what impact these objects might have on your bodies, your home, your work and your planet – ultimately your life and death. How could they affect the way you live, learn and even love?

The undeniable physical reality of these objects may give the impression that the future is already fixed. While the objects here suggest a certain future, it is not yet determined. The future we get is up to us. The future starts here.