Weird Sensation Feels Good is an immersive exhibition that explores the emergent world of “ASMR” – a physical reaction, a revolutionary internet subculture, a technology-driven craft, and a field of design.

Type “ASMR” into YouTube and you will meet a stream of faces and hands, microphones and materials, and makeshift sets. These videos exist inside the world of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) – a static-like feeling of low-grade euphoria or deep calming, triggered by gentle sound, touch and movement.

ASMR mediates between mind and body to inject the Internet with softness and intimacy. But it is not limited to the digital sphere. It is a dynamic creative craft and an emergent field of design, loved by some and unsettling to others. Against the backdrop of growing anxiety and loneliness, connection and disconnection, ASMR offers a lens through which to understand new forms of mental and physical wellness in the context of an accelerated global society.

Weird Sensation Feels Good is the first exhibition of its kind to lift ASMR out from your screen and into public space. Step into an acoustically tuned environment and experience a cross-section of global ASMR culture through sound, image, and never before exhibited objects. Understand how people are deploying new and existing materials, tools, and forms of connectivity to negotiate a complex world.