Featuring: Elizabeth Ashe, Caroline Benchetrit, Bert Beirne, Richard Binder, William Buchanan, F. Lennox Campello, Chas Colburn, Lea Craigie-Marshall, Darlene Davis, Bulsby Duncan, Renee DuRocher, Elissa Farrow-Savos, Robert Freeman, Sofia Gawer-Fische, Carol Gellner Levin, Cassandra Gillens, Margery Goldberg, Carolyn Goodridge, Stephen Hansen, Len Harris, Chris Hayman, Philip Hazard, Bernie Houston, Hubert Jackson, Katie Dell Kaufman, Susan Klebanoff, Kristine Mays, Christopher Malone, Michelle Marcello, Hadrian Mendoza, Donna McCullough, Bill Mead, Davis Morton, Ibou N’Diaye, Nancy Nesvet, Carol Newmyer, Tom Noll, Keith Norval, Katharine Owens, Emily Piccirillo, Larry Ringgold, Suzy Scarborough, Ron Schwerin, Gavin Sewell, Ellen Sinel, Patricia Skinner, Paula Stern, Bradley Stevens, Khalid Thompson, Jennifer Wagner, Paul Martin Wolff, Marcie Wolf-Hubbard, Mike Young, Joyce Zipperer, and more.

Dust off your red shoes and join us for an exhibition celebrating love in all sorts of mediums. To conclude the commemoration of our 40th anniversary and give a nice twist to what has been a lovely year for the gallery, yet a very difficult one for humanity, we are putting together a show about love, kindness, and the important things in life.

We will also show new work by many of our gallery artists. Looking back at 40 years of operating a gallery in Washington D.C., is nothing less than a monumental accomplishment and experience. I’m so honored to represent such incredible artists. It is an equal honor and a pleasure, to work with clients who value the talent and creativity of the artists and let us in their homes and offices to enhance their environments.

We are incredibly proud that our artists continue to stand the text of time. As artists we don’t think in terns of weeks, years or decades we think in terms of centuries and millenniums. Join us in a celebration of art and culture and gratitude for what the arts bring to our society and civilization.