Zenith Gallery continues its 40th Anniversary celebration with a new exhibit from Stephen Hansen, who has been with the gallery all 40 years! In this, his third Great Moments in Art show at Zenith, Hansen has meticulously recreated selections from two centuries of painting, and then added small sculpted painters on scaffolds who appear to be doing the actual painting. Their interactions with the paintings are witty and surprising. In each charming parody, from Trumbull’s iconic portrait of Alexander Hamilton, to Lichtenstein’s Pop Art Nurse, Hansen’s survey of great paintings is sure to please.

“This series started with a Rothko, and the notion that one's life work might have been accomplished one brilliant weekend with a roller. What if art work really was, well...work? And paintings were done by, well… painters? It had never occurred to me, until I became involved in this project, to pretend to be someone else for a few days. It is a bit like a holiday, though I would recommend Gauguin over van Gogh.”

Hansen has had one-man shows in galleries and museums in Detroit, Chicago, Santa Fe, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, and New York. His unique paper mache sculptures are included in museum, corporate, private, and government collections including the New Mexico Capitol Art Collection in Santa Fe, The Federal Reserve and Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and United States Embassies in Naples, Italy and Caracas, Venezuela.