After the solo show 55m2 It’s Our Home at Museo d’Arte Contemporanea of Ravenna, dedicated to the boundaries between the post colonialist era and the Italian imaginary of the World War II through his father memories, the Berlin-based artist Cristiano Tassinari presents his new project titled Mother’s Bliss.

Looking at his mother’s collection of paintings, memorabilia, paraphernalia and accoutrements, the artist features a new corpus of paintings alongside abstract displayers, grids and neons.

The exhibition investigates the intimate correspondence of the artist’s personal experience – his own and his mother’s. It also employs the beauty of everyday objects to reveal how pop culture shapes and often defines a different aesthetic, far from artistic theories but mostly related to different perspectives.

With the aim to connect viewers back to the notion of ‘beauty’, intended as ‘familiar’, the show will bring visitors into a simple, private, experience of reaching someone else’s bliss.