The “Spitfire” is probably the best known combat aircraft of all time, and was definitely a war winner. This British classic first flew in March, 1936, and over 22,000 were produced, including its naval equivalent the “Seafire”. It saw continuous development throughout the War with 47 variants being produced, many bearing only a family resemblance to the Mark 1.

Our “Spitfire” is not full-sized. It is a 3/4 scale replica which was under construction by Bob Noren when he passed away at the age of 41. It was presented to the Museum in Bob’s memory, and was completed by members of the Maintenance Group of 443 Squadron, stationed at Patricia Bay.

During the War this squadron flew “Spitfires” and the replica was completed in time to commemorate 443’s 50th Anniversary in May 1993. It is painted in squadron colours and sports “Invasion Stripes”. The Shearwater International Airshow Committee provided generous assistance.