The “Harvard” was an important member of a family of trainers designed by North American Aviation. They were the best advanced trainers of their time, and served for decades.

“Harvards” were the mainstay of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, and were a familiar sight (and sound!) in Canadian skies. Noorduyn built 2,800 for the RAF and the RCAF during the War, and Canadian Car & Foundry built a further 550 post war for Canada and the US. The parent company built 13,685 very similar T-6 and SNJs. The family was widely used throughout the world, and the last retired in the 1990s.

Our example was totally rebuilt from a write-off which was donated by Victoria Air Maintenance. It includes parts of a Mark II, some from a Mark 4 and an AT-6 “Texan”. After a lengthy restoration it was rolled out on August 5, 2012.