Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems invites you to appreciate the wild variety and beauty of minerals and gems. This exhibition artfully displays more than 1,300 specimens from all over the world that come in a large range of striking colors, fascinating forms, and dramatic shapes. Hillman Hall has gained an international reputation as one of the finest and most important mineral exhibitions in the country.

Admire the bright green, mossy like texture of a pyromorphite specimen or find out what causes the delicately hued colors in massive pieces of quartz. Learn about minerals that make up everything from table salt to diamond rings, or check out some tools that mineralogists use like microscopes and Geiger counters. Watch how some minerals are transformed in ultraviolet light or get lost in the Masterpiece Gallery taking in each unique specimen.

Hillman Hall displays highlight systematics, mineral localities, pseudomorphism, and more with a special section dedicated to Pennsylvania’s mineralogical diversity.