Touch the wonders of the natural world in Discovery Basecamp, a new permanent, hands-on gallery. Feel the coarseness of an African lion’s mane, examine a fly’s wing under a microscope, climb over giant ant statues, and explore a collection of rare and exciting specimens you can only find at a natural history museum. Discovery Basecamp is a bustling and lively gallery where you’re encouraged to slow down, look closely, and touch everything.

Kids can put on bat wings and flutter around a play space or take a close look at a screech owl specimen. Parents can join the process of discovery or relax and watch play-based learning unfold.

The gallery also features comfortable seating and a private breastfeeding station, which won the Allegheny County’s Breastfeeding Friendly Place Award. New specimens, activities, and programming are always being added, so there’s something new to discover with every visit.