From our Sun to the quasars: set out on a journey to the deepest parts of our Universe. From Stonehenge to the Very Large Telescope: learn how man has studied the heavens. One of the world’s largest Astronomy Exhibitions makes it possible.

Demonstrations and models invite visitors to test their knowledge. How do planets move around the Sun? How do stars move? We show you.

Heaven on Earth. Welcome to the Planetarium! Several times daily we explain the seasonal changes in the constellations, the movement of the planets and structure of the galaxies. Take a seat under the night sky and travel with us to the deepest parts of the universe.

Using the Solar Telescope we bring images of the solar disk and the solar spectrum live to the Museum. Sun dials and an astronomical clock always display the right time. A trip into outer space: Take the Interplanetary Walk from the Deutsches Museum to the Munich zoo, Tierpark Hellabrunn. Experience the vast distances and the minuteness of the seemingly gigantic planets.