This artist duo creates video works, installations and graphic works, often staged in parallel worlds and reflecting on today’s visual culture.

The way Broersen & Lukács visualise man’s relation to nature goes hand in hand with a visual inquiry into the production and perception of image. Broersen & Lukács construct monumental works in which nature functions as a mirror for our media-dictated culture that seems increasingly to exist in a virtual world. Photography forms the starting point for the diverse media and techniques employed by the duo, but is never the final result.

The museum provides the setting for new installations which will be exhibited for the first time, alongside existing work. At Foam’s request, the duo, in collaboration with composers Berend Dubbe and Gwendolyn Thomas, Shahram Yazdani and Alec Kopyt, developed an entirely new three-part installation consisting of sculptures and projections, in which nature is examined as a construction of the human mind.