We are in contact with people all over the world. A flood of information reaches us on a daily basis. Our devices are constantly exchanging data between themselves. The internet is the ultimate multi-talent in the mix: the "network of networks".

Hard to imagine! Information and communication networks are increasingly more important in our lives. This development began with the invention of the telegraph in the 19th century.

The exhibition presents the development of networks from three different perspectives: the role of people as users, the landscape of network technology, and the content that is communicated over those networks.

Technical networks impact all areas of life. The exhibition gives a clear picture of how the higher tempo, the increased monitoring and the potentially new life-styles are changing our daily lives - and not just since the advent of the internet.

In addition, nine thematic displays shed light on networks in very different areas of life, such as "MAPS. Mobility through Maps", "SHOPPING. Buy Online" or "MUSIC. Music Through the Net". In the process, the exhibition deals with the influence networks exert on our everyday lives, sometimes very critically.

"The Network" will be the museum’s first exhibition that uses objects from the Deutsches Technikmuseum’s different collections to convey an all-encompassing topic. Based on the Technoversum innovative exhibition concept, the network theme is not only considered from the perspective of the past but also against the backdrop of current challenges. The exhibition offers a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas. Visitors are invited to introduce their experiences into the exhibition.

You can closely follow the preparations for the exhibition and its opening on our corresponding blog (in German). It provides a glimpse behind the scenes and the opportunity to get to know the exhibition’s topics and objects and to discuss and comment on the exhibition team’s postings. In the future, the blog will also inform about the latest developments around the exhibition.