The story of photography as a technical means of producing images, told in about 40 imaginatively designed presentations. In a vivid and entertaining way the exhibition traces the development of the technology up to the present day, using portrait photography to illustrate the advances.

At the beginning you are welcomed by an art photography installation: a portrait matrix of 50 people holding cameras, as if waiting to photograph you.

We devote special attention to the different uses of photography, including espionage, travel, war and aerial photography, advertising photography, press photography, panoramas, stereo images and instant photos. Each theme is placed in an illustrative setting. And you can also find out about photographic optics and lens design, which are explained here in an easy-to-understand way.

Alongside attractive artistic elements, the exhibition also has hands-on exhibits and interactive multimedia installations. Discover the creative possibilities of photographic technology with the camera obscura or by using photo morphing software to merge two faces into one.

The exhibition also features a photo gallery showing temporary exhibitions.