Through models, paintings, photography, audiovisual materials, and interactive virtual reality, the exhibition presents the creative process and complexity of design of ZHA’s practice, as well as their ongoing research and technological innovations.

For ZHA, Architecture should have a multidisciplinary approach and be in constant dialogue with the Robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data: the way we design and build is changing rapidly due to these technologies.

The exhibition includes some of Zaha Hadid’s paintings –the most important design tool in her early career. Also a section dedicated to some of the architectural projects developed for Latin America, such as the proposal for the New International Airport Mexico City in collaboration with Francisco Serrano’s studio, or the JVC Hotel in Guadalajara.

The exhibition also includes the architectural experimentation undertaken by ZH CODE, the ZHA unit researching and developing new design methods as well as enabling an exploration of the organisation and articulation of space, within the bounds of physical, economic, and ergonomic feasibility.

As part of the ZH CODE’s investigation, we exhibit at our courtyard KnitCandela, an installation realized in collaboration with Block Research Group, ETH Zurich (BRG) and Architecture Extrapolated (R-Ex).

The exhibition also features Project Correl, a new interactive Virtual Reality (VR) experience by Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality (ZHVR) group; demonstrating ZHA’s ground-breaking application of VR in their design processes.