Whether they are laid out in a vegetable basket or on the kitchen table, potatoes are not usually in any mood to make conversation... And yet, they have plenty of stories to tell us. This tuber, informally known as a "spud", which so often finds a place for itself in dishes of various kinds, such as mashed potatoes, sauteed potatoes or chips... seems so ordinary and yet it is full of secrets. Did you know the "spud" is the leading non-cereal food grown on the planet? From its discovery to its arrival in our plates, from its Latin Americanorigins to the challenges faced by its industrial production, this exhibition will unearth the spud to reveal to you all of its secrets.

How is it born? What is its development cycle? What are the conditions needed for it to grow? Is the sweet potato its cousin? How is it produced? So many questions addressed in this space that provides answers in many different ways.

Despite their many qualities, potatoes are fragile. This second part is therefore concernedwith a crucial step: The lifting of the tubers which must be carried out with care. Separated from the stems and leaves, the tubers, which are rich in starch, become areal raw material, which can be transformed by the food processing industries.

Any exhibition on potatoes worth its salt could not avoid a detour to our dishes? This food product comes in many culinary forms and quite apart from its delightful taste, it delivers some astonishing nutritional benefits.