Christopher Cutts Gallery is pleased to announce its second solo exhibition by Czech painter Veronika Holcová.

This exhibition builds on her previous exhibition in 2016 where critic Zawtovska Murray states the influence of her new Canadian perspective, "Internalizing Canada's colossal scale and wild, near limitless landscape...". However, this body of work Fantasmagoria though richly imbued by the place of its creation delves deeper into the internal psyche of the creator. Attesting to Holcová's alliance with Surrealist and Romantic aesthetic principles.

There are three distinct bodies of work exhibited. A selection of works on paper which are characteristically "luminous, erotically charged and provocative". A series of paintings primarily smaller in scale, which critic Jean-Michel Quirion describes as "faceless, sexless and chimerical entities that resist all attempts at identification. Devoid of specificity, these entities seem to espouse a certain creative freedom, sublimely diverse and endlessly interpretable". And a group of larger paintings, the two largest which Quirion states, "offers viewers a dreamlike and idyllic landscapes whose hazy perspectives and atmosphere are clouded with mirages. Everything here seems evasive, constantly emerging. These seemingly fleeting proposals transform ambiance of the gallery, immersing viewers in an elsewhere, traversing dimensions that are both otherworldly and pastoral."