"Experience is a memory, but the opposite is true," wrote Albert Camus! The exhibition "Memories" came to Thierry Bigaignon’s mind when he discovered the different styles of these three artists. Each of them creates singular images, but yet, when you have a closer look at the images, you soon realize that they have one particular thing in common. They all have the power to take you to a kind of mental journey through a period in time that is gone, that seems familiar to us without us knowing it! These photographs, by their dreamlike nature, are loaded with imaginary memories.

The three artists have a particular relationship with the photographic medium: whereas Thierry Urbain plays with textures, applying different layers to his photographs and bringing out a notion of mystery, Fabien Dettori does not hesitate to tear up his Polaroids to better sublimate them as he reconstitutes them with gold leaf, following the example of the Kintsugi philosophy that inspires him.

Thibaud Yevnine, for his part, opts for the palladium to give his images a tone that perfectly highlights this idea of mental journey, of dream, of memory in short. And Thierry Bigaignon added: "I was willing to organize a group show for the end of the year with, if possible, small formats, presented as ‘jewels'. When I discovered the work of these artists, I was instantly seduced by their respective approaches. They each have a unique signature but I saw in their work a common form of poetry”.