On 22nd of September 2018 the group exhibition California Love, curated by Californian-based artist Andrew Schoultz, starts at Galerie Droste. The Golden State fascinates people for decades and stands for the American Dream as no other state in the USA. Nevertheless, in the last centuries California wasn’t necessarily well known for a strong art market, as the big competitor on the east side called New York.

There is no doubt that loads of great and well-known artists always lived on the Westside and that California always had a vibrant art scene with loads of renowned galleries and museums, but it was generally considered as alternate and not competitive on the global market. This reputation has changed some years ago and developed from ‘Underdog’ to ‘Shooting Star’, especially at the time when European blue ship galleries as Hauser & Wirth or Sprüth Magers opened up spaces in Los Angeles some years ago. This was the occasion why we set out to Los Angeles and San Francisco in January 2017, to discover that this change is happening and that the two big cities in California doesn’t have to hide behind the Big Apple.

We enjoyed our four-week long art adventure – always accompanied by our friend Andrew Schoultz - and are still amazed by what we experienced. Within this exhibition, we present the artists we met during our trip, the artists who convinced us the most, who already hold a strong position within the American art market and who are standing for the Californian art scene. We are pleased to exhibit highly different artistic positions and to provide a brief insight into the imagery and color language of California.