Raphael Brunk's works can be located in the digital context of photography. He himself speaks of algorithmic photography, since his works are based on visual constructions from common image processing programs. The algorithm serves as a digital brush. The artistic power of action is thus partly transferred to the computer, the outcome remains unknown, whereby Brunk generates a cultivation of chance.

Within his current series of works HEX, the artist makes use of existing and freely accessible image material from the Internet. Thus, in contrast to his previous series of works, the works are marked by references to pop culture. It is possible for the viewer to recognize figures from internationally known comic, cartoon and manga series, even if they only appear as fragments in the picture structure and blur again in the dominant colour worlds of the works. They thus serve purely as a fleeting fixed point in ecstatic colour landscapes composed of organic, vibrating picture segments, which in detail have structures similar to those of a ductus.

Brunk opens the visual door to painting more than in any of his previous series and creates the abstract balancing act between the analog and digital pictorial worlds that challenges our general visual behaviour on a daily basis. "In my work, the boundaries between painting, digital photographic elements, media art, etc. are becoming increasingly blurred," says Brunk.