The exhibition ‘Making a Forest’ is based on the current state of forest management. It presents the main stages of forest production, forest care, and timber harvest. Images which accompany the exhibition were taken in the course of one full year and they are presented so as to document the hundred-years-long forest cycle. The exhibition captures the process of tree growth, felling, and its transformation into timber as a material.

Due to a large number of visitors, this exhibition is extended until 30 December 2018.

This exhibition reflects a cultural view of the forest. We pass through a landscape that includes human habitations, exhibits which through their construction and via the images they contain refer to the ‘temples’ of our civilisation. Photographs challenge the apparent incompatibility of culture and nature or art and industry. They present the forest from the perspective of human values. This is a managed, commercial forest.

By highlighting activities which influence the function of forests, we open a debate about the character of human intervention. We place our hope in the sense of human responsibility and in a long-term policy of forest development that would preserve the overall contribution of forest in the context of both nature and culture.