THE CAC MÁLAGA is proud to present the exhibition La vida es como un viento [Life Is Like the Wind] by the artist José María Báez (Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, 1949). The exhibition features a selection of works _ fifty-two, to be precise _ painted in the period spanning the early 1990s to the year 2008. The show adopts the form of a large installation. The one hundred and forty-four components have been mounted as a massive polyptych, occupying the CAC’s entire central space. Although the pieces are not organised chronologically, it is easy to trace the connections between the texts. La faune bouge, tandis que la flore se déplie à l'oeil [Fauna Moves, while Flora Unfolds before Our Eyes] (from 1991 and made up of forty-one pieces) and Mi cuerpo es mi pintura [My Body Is My Painting] (painted for the XV Salón de los 16 in 1995 and made up of forty pieces) are the focal points of the exhibition around which the other works are arranged.

The artist has never abandoned his hallmark style of inserting words from different languages in his paintings, which are dominated by geometric diagrams and a meticulous use of colour and form. Baez lives and works in Córdoba.

During his youth, he was closely involved with poetic movements and this was clearly reflected in his work through the deliberate inclusion of literary and narrative elements.

Since the 1960s he has been a constant presence on the national art scene. In 1970 he held the first of many solo shows, and he has also participated in numerous group exhibitions and major art fairs like ARCO.