To launch the official new season opening 29 August 2013, Erarta Galleries Zurich will present artist Evgeny Zaremba in the dazzling new exhibition, Ultra Violet. This artist`s UV in colors are being pursued across the globe and captured by private collectors fascinated by Zaremba’s artistic practice that enables the viewer to explore nature beyond its visibility to the bare eye.

In his compositions Zaremba draws attention to changeability, movement and the conversion of the world around him. The artist gathers impressions from the rich diversity of nature and then processes them through his own inner prism of highly individualized visual sensations representing his own perception. This internal converter reveals hues and values of unfamiliar beauty by showing nature`s iridescence making all wavelengths of light discernible to us on his canvas.

Zaremba’s distinctive visual consciousness is so expressive due to the artist’s deep understanding and respect of the rules of nature. He does not compete with it but carefully observes the powers and energy of natural elements such as wood, water and stone. Themes of self-knowledge, life and the universe continually run through Zaremba’s works. His “dialogs” with eternity and the universe are based on ethereal visual associations and parallels of consciousness. Each of his compositions is an artful attempt to reflect on and comprehend his idiosyncratic impressions of the outer and inner world.

The artist achieves his radiant and naturally fluorescent colorist style by usage of the so-called “halo effect” where the maximum amount of light electrifies a color and then extracts the purest saturation. The spotlight then diffuses out from this middle point where color bleeds out to meet and create a new hue.

Zaremba admires impressionists like Claude Monet, symbolists like Mikhail Vrubel, abstract expressionists like Mark Rothko, as well as Paul Gauguins experimental use of colors. These artists all had descriptive styles with strong emphasis on color or the abstract. They were also well known colorists due to their use of intense color as emotion, which becomes the dominant feature in their art. Zaremba entwines the impressionists desire to depict light through the medium of color and the symbolist desire to show psychological depth and a spiritual reality though color.

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