The Jewelry Library will present its inaugural exhibition and sale The Kinship Between: American Women Jewelers, Part 1 beginning Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 12 p.m.

Curated by Mark McDonald and Sienna Patti, The Kinship Between will feature original vintage pieces by three mid-century jewelers: Margaret de Patta, Ruth Roach and Betty Cooke and new work by four contemporary artists: Räissa Bump, Noam Elyashiv, Rebekah Frank and Gabriella Kiss. The show explores shared aspects of their craft as metalsmiths and the kinship between their ways of working and their design process as well as their shared use of form and material. The exhibition will also highlight the unique kinship between maker and wearer. Original design drawings and proposals to clients will be on view as well.

The Jewelry Library is a new hands-on exhibition space offering collaborative research opportunities and rotating jewelry collections curated for jewelry people by jewelry people. It’s located at 1239 Broadway, Suite 800, New York, NY.

Mark McDonald has been a preeminent dealer of 20th century modernist design for over four decades. He has organized landmark exhibitions on mid-century studio jewelry, furniture, ceramics and lighting and served as an advisor for numerous prestigious collectors, artists estates and museums.

Sienna Patti opened Sienna Patti Contemporary in 1999 and specializes in contemporary avant-garde studio jewelry and artists that use craftsmanship as an intellectual and structural vehicle for their ideas. A leading figure in studio jewelry, Patti has lectured and presented artists and designers in major museums and events around the world.