In bestowing the ‘eye divine’, Krishna, the Hindu god of compassion and love, empowered Arjuna with the ability to see his Universal Form (Vishvarupa): the unlimited expansion of the universe. Likewise, Indian painting invites viewers into a world of innumerable, magical encounters.

This is achieved through rasa, the theoretical basis for all arts in India. Rasa (mood or inner significance) is achieved through six chitra (limbs), including line, size, colour, beauty and resemblance to reality. These evoke different ‘emotional flavours’ for a viewer who is sahridaya (of the same heart).

Featuring portraits, architectural studies, and painted stories of divine and sensual love, The Eye Divine explores how the visual qualities of Indian miniature painting create rasa and to what effect. With their jewel-like colours and rich, intricate patterns, the artworks in The Eye Divine weave a kaleidoscopic tapestry of aesthetic delight, enlivening the soul and delighting the eye divine.