A highly respected New Zealand artist, Judy Darragh is known for her brightly coloured sculptural collections of found objects, recycled items, industrial materials and much more. Since the early 1990s, she has been identified with large ambitious works which alter public spaces to glorious effect.

Limbo is a collection of seven large metallic shapes accented with fluorescent paint. Hanging from the kauri canopy of our North Atrium, they scatter light like a chandelier or mirror ball, while the forms themselves resemble meteors or space matter.

Referencing Judy Darragh's interest in science-fiction and domestic life – and how the two interact – Limbo's metal foil construction suggests every-day kitchen tin foil, while its shapes represent the early days of space exploration. Through this work Judy Darragh shows us how what's familiar and commonplace can shift into the unknown, far-reaching zones of the universe. ​