Galerie Kremers is pleased to invite you to the first solo exhibition by American artist Taylor A. White. A great new discovery in the European art scene, the individuality and compositional strength of White's paintings reflect the tradition of the great American abstracts. Through his strong following on social media, one can already observe his influence on a large group of young artists worldwide.

Taylor A. White received the Emil R. Quick Lock Award for outstanding performances in painting in 2016, and graduated from the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Va., in 2017. His work has since been exhibited in Madrid, Berlin and London, with solo exhibitions in New York and Australia.

Following residencies in in Madrid, Spain and in Brooklyn NY as Cycamore artist, Gallery Kremers is pleased to have Taylor A. White as resident gallery artist in Berlin this August and September 2018, culminating in his first solo exhibition in Europe. From Berlin, White will take up residency in Seoul to prepare for his first solo exhibition in Asia.

"Memories of a Carpet Monster," is an exhibition of the work Taylor A. White has been creating during his two-month residency in Berlin. Working in the gallery during the final days before the opening, the exhibition offers no preview. The series in progress is fresh and spontaneous, speed being an essential element of White's creative process. Working quickly, he addresses the unique compositional challenges of each piece by radically destroying and reassembling its components. Often making drastic changes in the final stages, his highly playful process is bold and inspired.

Taylor A. White's free exploration of process extends to his use of materials as well. His often large-scale works make use of acrylic and oil paints, charcoal, pencil, spray paint and airbrush. They are made of sewn canvas and repurposed, cut pieces of his own artwork. Continuing to surprise, he arranges these materials into funny, absurd abstract scenarios full of dynamic opposites. Whether colorful and exuberant or reduced in palette, his works always displays masterfully balanced composition where his hand is immediately recognizable.