The exhibition space Buchmann Lugano presents the artist Véronique Arnold (Strasbourg, *1973) Saturday 8th of September starting from 17.00 hours.

The exhibition presents new, unseen art works, realised specifically for this occasion. The central space of the Gallery in Lugano hosts a work which sits on the border between installation and sculpture. The artist started with gathering real leaves during her walks. She then dipped them in white porcelain and at a later stage, she carefully and meticulously applied extra layers of porcelain by hand. Until finally being baked in a specialized oven. The result of this slow, painted and delicate process was then laid, with particular calm and attention on a plinth expressly conceived for the city space. The leaf, symbol of fragility and lightness, recalls the transience of life, leads to a reflection of death and their profound meaning.

To complete the exhibition, on the walls: graphite drawings on canvas, which once again present leaves that seem to be moving, perhaps echoing the title of the exhibition.

In short, the work of Véronique Arnold gives intense emotions to its poetic strength, inserting natural elements into a broader and more complex metaphorical discourse, while maintaining a vocabulary that is coherent to the viewer. Fascinating works, whose genesis implies a repetitive gesture, almost a form of ritual, of which the artist takes charge and gives back to the community in a refined visual and emotional experience.

Véronique Arnold realised a personal exhibition at the gallery Stampa of Basel (2017), at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Mulhouse (2015), exhibited in a collective at the Fondation Fernet-Branca of Saint-Louis in Alsace (2015), she collaborated with Christine Ferber and Jean-Paul Hévin at the Salon du Chocolat of Isetan in Tokyo (2012) and presented her works at the Palazzo Salis, Soglio della Biblioteca Engiadinaisa, Sils Maria (2012).