“Future of Today” is aimed at exploring present relatively vanguard and futuristic concept of space of art museums. It’s to practically discuss physical art museums, virtual reality and future art forms.

It’s proposed to further explore returning to the origin of art museums and constantly make us reflect on three basic questions. What will a future art gallery look like? What kind of art form should a future art gallery carry? What kind of interactions should a future gallery have with the audience? Given these three questions, how should we build a new system and art order to meet future challenges and opportunities in both the depth and breadth of thought? Zhu Qiang, Director of Jinji Lake Art Museum is especially invited to take part in the planning of the New Media Art Exhibitions: “Future Folding∙ Future of Today @ Suzhou 2018” to be unveiled in Suzhou in September 2018. Yan Yan, Deputy Director of Today Art Museum (TAM), serves as the curator of this exhibition.

This exhibition is co-organized by Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum and TAM. At the same time, international new media artist Charles Lindsay, and the Chinese influential new media artists, including Gan Jian, Ying Xinxun and Hong Qile, etc, are invited to the ex