The first, displays a subtle murmur in conjunction with soft colors and a gentle but firm movement and the other utilizes color and design of objects to generate a stunning achievement which mesmerizes the viewer while building understanding, trust and intimacy. There is wholesome passion and unique competency juxtaposed in the performance, enabling the transformation of the environment.

Zahra (Saba) Najafi, and Loredana Galante, are the two talents that will open our art gallery with their powerful presentation. The two artists have established the commencement of their activities with this exhibition.

The work offered by the two is a structure which employs the main space of the stand and incorporates designations such as change, transformation, flow, mobility and progression. Saba and Loredana have achieved an effect of fragility, power and spiced it up with opulent femininity. The installation is a range of fabric hanging from the ceiling in circular free form. The concept is invitating and welcomes the viewer into its embrace.

The two works are integrated and together with the main structure compose the symbolic concept of a circle, without beginning and end, constantly in motion, faultless, eternal in time, of perpetual flow seen upon soft, light flowing fabric, designed and tailored by the artists. There are abrasions, tears and worn-out areas implying the passing of time, as growth and progress is not possible without transformation and mutation or greatness is not achieved without pain and suffering.

The presence of the knot or tie is a symbol of self-awareness. The points of attachment in the fabric is a reminder of a fixed moment in the motion stream of all things. In the Iranian culture binding a knot represents making a wish, request or wanting, hoping to turn it into a tangible reality. The circle and the knot have been emphasized in this presentation and are used by the artists in the performance, using an unending circular movement, indicating life, death and resurrection of the living being, while the symbolic knots in the course of its life open and close. The constant circular motion calls on the viewer to envision the path of existence or eradication.

The artists claim that the circle reflects a neutral space. The hanging fabric conveys varied thoughts and meaning but pursuits balance, harmony and suspension of judgement. The knots therein are fixed points within the inherent potential of progression. Our aim is to create communication between fixed points in time, the knots, with the timelessness and liberation of the circle. The relation between these opposing forces, the constant flow of life, the relationship of the knots with time and liberation, alongside the fixedness and timelessness of the ageless circle which is void of distance is significant.

The performance resembles a ritual where binding and opening the knots allows change, transformation, influence and ascendance. -Alessandra Radaelli