This international exhibition focuses on the contemporary works of photographers living and working in Thailand, with special consideration given to photographers in association with Chiang Mai University, home to Thailand's leading university photography department.. The exhibition includes a diverse range of photographers who work in styles ranging from street photography, to commercial, to alternative processes. Southeast X Southeast is curated and organized by Patricia Lois Nuss Bambace, photography instructor at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.

Gun Ketwech is the Director of the Chiang Mai Photo Festival and a permanent Lecturer for the Photographic Arts Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. Mann is currently pursuing his PhD in photography.

This series of street photographs titled "Bygone Day" focuses on the concept of passing time. The images are compiled into four sets of four married groups of images. They images give us a quick view into both daily life in Chiang Mai as well as a quick observation of the changing cityscape as tourists infiltrate the city in droves.

Somsak is a successful fine art photographer based in Bangkok. He is known predominantly for his infrared photographs of Buddhist temples.

His new work, "Rhuka Dheva" is inspired by the predominant religion of Thailand, Buddhism. Wherein he focuses his camera on meditation along the river in the jungle.

A British photographer based in Bangkok, he works in documentary and fine art photography with an emphasis on human rights projects. Best known for his work “For Those Who Died Trying”, here we see his newest series focused on female human rights defenders based in Thailand, titled "Side by Side - Women Human Rights Defenders."

A graduate of the Photographic Arts Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University. Her work has been exhibited in Thailand and Indonesia.

Katnapa makes work about family and history. She is interested in how the passage of time changes our identities and relationships with one another. For her series, Retired, she pairs images of retired sex workers as they are now, alongside images of them at the time they were working. Katnapa also debates the role of sex workers in society. In their villages, the women were not stigmatized at the time that they were working, but now they feel a lot of judgment from modern society. Katnapa contributes her series titled "Retired."

Prang is the first full-time female lecturer to be hired within the Photographic Arts Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University.

Photographic series: Structures (final image on left, process on right) Here we see her experimental photographic project wherein she manually strips leaves of their chlorophyll.

Silpakit specializes in creating designs that are inspired by nature. She is skilled in the areas of graphic design, product design, architectural design, exhibition design and research, photography, interactive music, stop-motion animation, calligraphy, watercolor, and web design. Her work has been exhibited at Pattana Gallery in Bangkok and at the Chiang Mai House of Photography.

Silpakit received her Masters of Art in Design in 2014 from the Art and Design Department of Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Multimedia Design in 2012 from the Art and Architecture Department of Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Nat is a commercial photographer and new lecturer in the Photographic Arts Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University.

Bowornphatnon contributes a series titled "Street Vendors." Street vendors become a part of your daily interactions in Thailand. Friendly entrepreneurs set up shop in any space they can in hopes of selling you some ice cream, grilled meat, juice, or otherwise. Kitti recognizes how these hard working individuals improve his daily life, and he hopes to “collect” their image and isolated from the noise of the street.

Alizz is a curator who works with the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and Photographic Fine Arts Chiang Mai University. She regularly leads workshops on behalf of Lumix cameras. She specializes in street photography.

This series, "King of Our Hearts" focuses on her daily encounters with images of the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was much beloved by the Thai people. His likeness, at many parts of his life, can be seen all over Thailand.

Assada is the senior professor in the Photographic Arts Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Chiang Mai University. Assada exhibits his work internationally, including this series titled "Thailand Punk Culture."

Game is the manager of all technical materials at Chiang Mai University; he maintains the darkroom, lighting studies, and mac labs. Game is seen as a mentor to the students and he regularly helps them one on one with their assignments. He is currently pursuing his PhD in photography.

Game is known for his exquisite handmade pinhole cameras, he is currently producing a new series about temples and religion in Thailand using this process. He has focused his conceptual research on religious studies for some time and this is most evident in his other recent series “ Transformation of Worshipped Objects” wherein he digitally applied the Thai Buddhist offerings on western heroes. He questions the purpose and presence of these offerings and how they differ or match with religious practices throughout the world. Game provides examples from both of these series: "Pinhole Temples" and "Transformation of Objects."

Internationally exhibiting artist. A graduate of the Photographic Arts Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University. His most recent work is currently being exhibited in Dusseldorf.

Wut Chalanant from Chiangmai has made the landscape of Northern Thailand and other countryside areas – where ecological degradation and corporate control over land and farming industries are live issues – the subject of his photographic investigation. His photographs beckon us to pore over their exhaustive features, and function both to disclose and explore the effects of human and commercial activity, as if the visual detail could cleave into our consciousness what actually happens in correspondence with ‘development’.”

Pat Sathi was born in 1981 in California, but considers Bangkok his home. His interest in photography began as a teenager when he worked at a professional magazine printing press. He went on to complete a Bachelors degree from the School for Architecture and Design in Bangkok, and then received his MFA in Photography in 2009 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. His MFA research concentrated on historical printing processes and new media.

Upon his return to Bangkok, he built the photography studio PH31, which concentrates on bringing hand printing processes to the general public. Through PH31, Sathi offers workshops in darkroom techniques and alternative process. They also offer services in producing digital negatives, negative scanning, printing, and reproductive imagery services.

Sathi has had work featured in Solo exhibitions in Bangkok at Dot Art+Suit Sukhumvit Gallery, Midnice Gallery, and Ink & Lion Gallery Café. Internationally, he participated and coordinated the group exhibitions “Darkness Interpreted”, “Plates and Prints” and “Marine Headline” at Gallery 688 in San Francisco, CA.